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Los Angeles Clippers beat Golden State Warriors

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NBA Update: Los Angeles Clippers beat Golden State Warriors, 138-98, to tie their Western Conference playoff series, 1-1. Blake Griffin had 35 points, Danny Granger 15, Hedo Torkuglo 13 and Chris Paul 12 for the Clippers. Meanwhile, Stephen Curry had 24 points, Draymond Green 11, David Lee 11 and Jordan Crawford 11 for the Warriors.

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Cebu City: Shipping Vessel Collides Cargo Vessel

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TRAGEDY - 17 people are confirmed dead after passenger ship MV Saint Thomas Aquinas which was headed for Manila, collided with cargo vessel Sulpicio Express 7 at Lawis Ledge off the coast of Talisay City. The passenger ship sank at approximately 9:15 - thirty minutes after the collision. As of 12:30 am, 575 of at least 700 passengers and crew have been rescued.

Latest Update:
At least 63 confirmed dead. 
57 still missing.
At least 751 rescued.

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